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Video Tour to the EnerGym Sports Club


Before the Studio was tasked to create a video that shows viewers all those benefits that customers of the sports club can get. For implementation, the client could provide a location for several hours, a top showman as a presenter and complete freedom in terms of creativity. The main wish was the video should motivate the viewer to come and try to train in the sports club, get viral and be interesting. The timing was rather limited in view of the fact that the video had to be created before the official launch of the sports club.

Solution from BOBINA

  • Timeline for implementation: 10 days

  • Team: 8 people

Before the filming began, the company’s specialists worked out the script, they got to know the locations and spelled out a clear timing on them. After all, at each new location we needed to work with new coaches and those working out in the gym. Delay in one location led to the fact that all the others would have moved over time. In terms of technical issues, it was decided to shoot in each location in one shot. This allowed us to save time and get a pretty interesting picture, to create an effect of presence for the viewer. The viewer seened to be moving along the location with the host. The video received a good response from the audience and has been watched more than 80,000 times on Facebook.