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Social advertising for the Council of Europe


The client (Council of Europe Department in Ukraine) set the task of creating social advertising for placement on TV, as well as in social networks about the adaptation of immigrants from the temporarily occupied territories of the country.

The main goal of the project is to strengthen their positive image, as well as demonstrate successful self-realization in other regions of the country. The client wanted to avoid opposing East and West in video work. It was required to show that humanity is inherent in all of us, regardless of the region in which we were born and live.

Solution from Bobina

  • Terms of implementation: 90 days
  • Team: 23 people

Within the framework of the project, the studio BOBINA has developed two plot-related videos. The video reveals the friendship of the heroes and the positive interaction of the Ukrainians, regardless of the region of the country. We carried out work on the creation of a creative platform, as well as production and post-production. According to the tasks of the client, several versions of commercials with different time-scales for social networks and for placement on TV channels were prepared.