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Animation about DTEK Naftogaz


The client was tasked to prepare a bright and spectacular animated video, which will clearly will show all the key achievements of the company in recent years. Its function is the presentation of the company at the international level, at conferences, trade fairs, negotiations. An important requirement was to demonstrate the achievements with the help of 3D graphics. Also, the task was to prepare a concept that would underline the progressive, linear development of both the gas industry and the business of DTEK Naftogaz.

Solution from BOBINA

  • Terms of implementation: 95 days
  • Team: 8 people

The company specialists prepared several concepts and graphical ways of implementation. The client made a choice in favor of the solution in the form of an animated book in which it would be possible to show both the history of the industry and its development together with the client’s company. Our specialists worked out the storyboard, 3D models of the objects were worked out, so that the client could get the finished video “on a turn-key basis”. Within the framework of the project, two language versions were created – English and Ukrainian.